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Q: When can I file an Excess Flood claim?

A: You will have to wait for the Primary Flood policy claim to be settled, prior to filing the Excess Flood policy claim. Proof of the settled Primary Flood claim will be required to file the Excess Flood claim.

Q: Can I have an Excess Flood insurance policy on a secondary, seasonal, or rental property? If so, is there an extra fee?

A: Yes, you can insure a secondary, seasonal, or rental property policy under the Excess Flood program. No extra fees apply.

Q: If I sell my home, can the Excess Flood insurance policy be transferred to the new homeowner?

A: Most of the time a Excess Flood Insurance Policy can be transferred to the new owner by submitting a copy of the settlement statement to the company, along with a request signed by both the prior homeowner and the new homeowner.

Q: What is my deductible for my Excess Flood policy?

A: Excess Flood policies have no deductible; however, your Primary Flood policy does.