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Q: Is it necessary for me to have full coverage or can I operate a trucking business with liability only insurance coverage?

A: Liability insurance is required by law.  Although physical damage coverage is not, it is highly recommended that you fully insure all of your trucks and trailers.  In the unfortunate event of an accident, it can be difficult to pay to fix damages (or even a new truck) out of pocket…

Q: If I am adding a new driver to my trucking company and they are driving under my authority, should they have their own insurance or be added to my current policy?


A:  The new driver within your trucking company should be added to your trucking liability insurance policy.  If they are driving under your authority, you are going to be responsible for their performance on the road (roadside inspections, log book violations, unsafe driving practices, etc).  Also, if they have their own policy, it can be more difficult for you to make sure they are maintaining adequate coverage and a current in force trucking insurance policy.